General Chronological Steps

Each situation is different. However, usually the General Chronological Steps are as follows:

  1. Free Initial Discussion: An Initial Discussion (at no cost to the Client) is held in a meeting or by telephone. Its purpose is to discuss the Client, its situation and problems, and how it can be helped by the Firm.
  2. Professional Services Agreement: If both parties wish to proceed, a Professional Services Agreement is signed.
  3. Free Initial Orientation and Materials Review: The Firm undertakes an initial orientation and review of the Client's materials (at no cost to the Client).
  4. Second Major Discussion: The Client and the Firm hold a Second Major Discussion (by telephone, email, fax, mail, and/or meeting). Its purposes include to:
    • finalize and implement an overall strategy and action plan;
    • assign specific responsibilities;
    • handle crises and urgent problems; and
    • begin moving quickly to improve the Client's situation.
  5. Specialized Forms: Certain specialized proprietary forms of the Firm are completed and used as management tools in improving the situation rapidly.
  6. Solve Problems and Achieve Objectives: The Client and the Firm work closely together in order that problems be quickly solved and objectives achieved.
  7. Transfer of Work Responsibilities: As soon as appropriate, all work responsibilities are transferred to on-going Client personnel.
  8. Firm Remains Available in Reserve: After the initial work has been completed, the Firm remains available to the Client on a when-and-as-needed basis.