Helping the Client

In working with a troubled company our basic objectives usually include:

  1. Do everything legally possible to protect the assets, reputations, careers, emotional/mental states, marriages, and freedom of the key involved individuals from the personal risks of civil lawsuits, IRS and other regulatory agency actions, criminal prosecutions, adverse publicity, and other negative events.
  2. Work very low-profile and confidentially.
  3. Develop and launch a three-part overall business strategy:
    • Immediately fight and resolve the crises and urgent problems
    • Quickly structure and implement a program to go forward well in all ways, including operationally, legally, and financially
    • Constantly look for special opportunities
  4. Analyze each key aspect of the Client's situation, determine the best solutions or improvement plans, then move forward rapidly to implement them.
  5. Try to save and revitalize the Client informally with minimum adverse publicity.
  6. Try to keep the Client out of formal bankruptcy proceedings. Make a bankruptcy filing only if necessary, positive, and appropriate.
  7. Deal with each problem and issue with maximum effectiveness, efficiency, cleverness, logic, directness, and calmness.
  8. Push out concurrently against all major threats and risks facing the Client.