Articles and Press Releases

Many magazine, newspaper, Internet media, and other articles have been written about SageGroup Strategies. These have generally related to specific clients, SageGroup expansion into additional geographical locations and industries, SageGroup's large size and prominence in the Professional Troubled-Company Specialist field, and other troubled-company topics.

For many years, the San Francisco Business Times and other publications have included SGS on their lists of the largest professional services firms.

Various SGS professionals have also written articles that have been published in magazines and other publications. These articles have usually related to specific ways to help troubled companies improve their situations.

SGS has also issued several hundred press releases of various types. Most have related to new SGS Offices (currently over one hundred), new Industry Programs and Divisions, new Groups, new Regional and State Programs, and other new SGS entities and developments.

While these articles and press releases are purposefully not posted on this website, they are available for appropriate distribution.