Some Reasons to Use Us

Some of the potential reasons to have SageGroup Strategies help you are:

  1. We are very experienced and capable at helping troubled companies to obtain more cash, handle difficult problems, get out of trouble, and build profits and value.
  2. The initial discussion is free. It is designed to be very productive. We work with you to determine your ideal desired business situation, including in-depth discussion of the problems that need to be handled to reach your goals. Then, if you decide after the discussion that you want our help, you can involve us at that time.
  3. Our fees are relatively low and can be structured to the situation. We are happy to base our compensation heavily upon results, including through cash and equity incentives.
  4. We are Professional Troubled-Company Specialists, a very specialized field. (We are not "management consultants" but are much more action-oriented and hands-on. We are more than only "turnaround specialists" since we specialize in over a dozen major ways to help a troubled company.)
  5. We are the largest Professional Troubled-Company Specialist firm in the U.S.A. and in the world. Our staff of experienced professionals includes many high-quality troubled-company specialists and many types of functional and industry experts. Each client has access to every SGS professional when and as needed.
  6. Our professional staff has been involved in many thousands of troubled-company situations, including: turnarounds; crisis management; debtor programs; spin-outs; restructurings and reorganizations; and many other types.
  7. Our staff is a "group of sages" with heavy individual experience, seasoning, maturity, capabilities, and other strengths. (Troubled-company work can't be learned quickly or from books or courses.)
  8. Our staff is very strong internationally and culturally. As a group, we have lived in many countries, speak many languages, and have done business in over 125 countries.
  9. We are a highly-discreet firm that can work very quietly, confidentially, and behind the scene if you wish. We also offer total internal confidentiality, including that each client preapproves which SageGroup persons become involved in the engagement or even become aware of it.
  10. Many troubled companies wait too long to get help. There are several positive alternatives available to you if you move now to get out of trouble and move forward. It is very wise to involve a Professional Troubled-Company Specialist firm like SageGroup Strategies to help you in this important and complex process.